Unleash the Magic of Effortless Prospecting with MagicProspect

Let MagicProspect be your wizard of sales strategy, offering an AI-powered solution that automates the prospecting process. Elevate your sales game with in-depth dossiers on potential clients, seamless integration with existing sales tools, and a flexible pricing model. MagicProspect is the key to making your sales journey truly magical.

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Release time: Sep. 2023


  • AI-Generated Dossiers: Harness the power of AI to gain in-depth insights about potential clients. Our magically crafted comprehensive dossiers give you the edge you need for the perfect pitch.
  • RESTful API Integration: Seamlessly integrate MagicProspect into your existing sales tools, providing on-demand access to essential prospect dossiers and upgrading your sales pipeline effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base: Access a wealth of publicly available information about your target prospects or companies, offering invaluable insights for crafting optimized and successful sales strategies.
  • Flexible Pricing with Credits: Unlock the power of MagicProspect at your own pace with our credit-based pricing model. It’s adaptable, efficient, and effective for your unique prospecting needs.

Use Cases:

  • Prospect Profiling: Ideal for sales teams seeking in-depth understanding of potential clients. Our AI-generated dossiers provide valuable insights to tailor perfect pitches and win deals.
  • Sales Tool Integration: Perfect for teams using sales tools like Pipedrive, Outreach, etc. Our API seamlessly integrates with MagicProspect, enhancing your pipeline and boosting efficiency.
  • Data-Driven Sales Strategies: Excellent for businesses aiming to gather extensive data for crafting effective and data-driven sales strategies that lead to success.

Embark on your sales journey with a competitive advantage using MagicProspect. Our feature-rich platform is meticulously designed for effortless prospecting, comprehensive understanding, and successful deals. Start your free trial today!

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