Learity - Data Analysis Made Effortless

Simplify data analysis with Learity, an intuitive software designed for decision-makers. Learity transforms complex data into easily understandable insights using cutting-edge generative AI technology. Ask questions in plain language and receive instant responses without requiring a data analyst. With a user-friendly setup, collaborative features, and robust security, data analysis becomes a breeze.

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Location: DATA REDACTED,Mexico
Release time: Sep. 2023


  • Generative AI Technology: Ask questions in natural language and receive instant responses from your databases.
  • Effortless Setup: Spend less time on setup and more time making data-driven decisions.
  • Collaborative Environment: Engage your entire team in the process, fostering data-driven decision-making at every organizational level.
  • Multi-Source Data Integration: Easily connect your databases and begin asking questions. Learity supports integration with the most popular database platforms.
  • Robust Security: Our data infrastructure is built on SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliant AWS services, ensuring the utmost data security.

Use Cases:

  • Rapid Business Insights: Reduce the time spent on data consulting and report generation. Obtain actionable insights within seconds by simply asking questions.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Involve your entire team and leaders in dashboard creation to promote real-time collaboration.
  • Simplified Data Analysis: Ask questions in plain English, eliminating the need to understand complex SQL queries.
  • Data Security: Trust that your data is encrypted and handled with the highest level of security.

Learity is revolutionizing data analysis, making it faster and more accessible for decision-makers to gain insights and make informed choices. You no longer need to be a data analyst to navigate the world of data; just ask your question, and Learity will provide the answer.

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