Khroma: Elevate Your Design with AI-Generated Color Palettes

Experience the freedom of designing with colors you love. Khroma harnesses the power of AI to learn your color preferences, offering limitless palettes for you to explore, search, and save effortlessly.

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Location: Iceland
Release time: Jul. 2017


  • A Personalized Algorithm: Train Khroma’s neural network-powered algorithm by selecting colors you like and blocking those you don’t, directly in your browser, creating a truly personalized color experience.
  • Creates Infinite Combos: Draw inspiration from thousands of popular human-made palettes, generating exceptional color combinations presented as typography, gradients, palettes, or custom images.
  • Search and Filter: Utilize Khroma’s search and filter functionality to quickly find the perfect color combination based on hue, tint, value, color, hex, rgb values, ensuring efficient color selection.
  • Save to Your Collection: Build an extensive library of your favorite combos, complete with color names, hex codes, rgb values, CSS code, and WCAG accessibility ratings for each pair, allowing easy reference for future projects.
  • Inspiration on Instagram: Explore the Khroma Instagram for curated inspiration, showcasing the work of Lucie Bajgart and providing additional insights into the world of color design.

Use Cases:

  • Designing with Colors You Love: Khroma’s AI-powered algorithm makes designing with your preferred colors a seamless and enjoyable experience, offering a plethora of infinite palettes to choose from.
  • Efficient Color Selection: Utilize Khroma’s efficient search and filtering system to swiftly identify the precise color combinations needed for your design projects.
  • Saving and Organizing Color Palettes: Effortlessly save and organize all your beloved color palettes in one accessible library, ensuring easy reference for future design endeavors.

Empower your design process with Khroma, the AI color tool that adapts to your preferences. With personalized algorithms, infinite combos, efficient search and filtering, and seamless saving and organizing, designing with colors has never been more intuitive.

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