GetStark: Elevate Accessibility Across Mac, Figma, Sketch & Beyond

Experience a revolution in accessibility with the Stark Suite, a powerhouse of integrated accessibility tools coupled with an AI-driven assistant. Supercharge your accessibility workflow seamlessly across Mac, Figma, Sketch, and more. Connect with the tools you adore and witness the transformation in your end results.

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  • Meet Sidekick: Encounter an AI-powered assistant, Sidekick, capable of scanning your designs within seconds and offering invaluable suggestions for accessibility enhancements.
  • Accelerate Your Workflow: Join a community of over 40,000 designers, developers, and accessibility experts from more than 12,000 companies, benefiting from Stark’s integrated tools designed to speed up your accessibility workflow.
  • Your Team’s Accessibility Toolbox: Access fully integrated and automated tools, including Contrast Checker, Alt-Text Annotations, and Focus Order, all designed to make accessibility an effortless aspect of your design process.
  • Learn on the Job: Engage with an accessibility sidekick that provides real-time tips and best practices as you work, enhancing your accessibility knowledge on the job.
  • Live Preview: Facilitate seamless collaboration between designers and developers with a single click. Test for accessibility issues, apply color and typography suggestions, all within your preferred design app or browser.

Use Cases:

  • Building Accessible Software: Whether crafting a website, online shop, mobile app, or SaaS product, Stark empowers every designer, engineer, PM, and QA expert with both manual and automated tools for effortless accessibility.
  • Automated Design Accessibility: Stark’s AI-powered Sidekick scans your design files, providing instant suggestions to rectify accessibility issues, making automated design accessibility a reality.
  • Collaborative Accessibility: With Live Preview, collaboration between designers and developers on accessibility improvements becomes a breeze, all within your chosen design app or browser.

Join the ranks of over 40,000 design professionals who rely on Stark’s suite of accessibility tools to craft accessible, visually stunning software effortlessly.

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