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Fabrie: Revolutionizing Design with AI Creativity

Discover the boundless possibilities of creativity with Fabrie, a unique platform that provides an infinite canvas for designers. Seamlessly explore, ideate, review, prototype, and present your work in a digital space enhanced by AI. With professional templates and support for various file types, Fabrie ensures the smooth execution of design tasks.

Semrush rank: 2.0m
Location: Hayes,United Kingdom
Release time: Aug. 2005


  • AI Enhanced Infinite Canvas: Embark on a journey of imagination and brainstorming with Fabrie’s digitized whiteboard. Sketch and illustrate your ideas while receiving assistance from AI.
  • Easy Documentation: Document your research, designs, and iterations effortlessly with Fabrie. Create mind maps, flowcharts, and drawings that can be visually arranged just like your thoughts.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Communicate and collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere using Fabrie. Review and iterate designs, manage shared databases, and even prototype seamlessly.
  • Instant Presentation Mode: Create presentations with ease using Fabrie. Turn any work on the board into a slideshow with just one click, simplifying the presentation creation process.
  • Variety of Editable Templates: Explore a range of AI-generated design templates in Fabrie that promote efficient ideation and enhance the creative process.
  • All-In-One Design Space: Utilize the Design Copilot plugin in Fabrie to render sketches, mix different styles, and validate ideas effortlessly. With support for various file types, working on designs becomes even more convenient.

Use Cases:

  • Project Planning & Execution: Effortlessly manage the entire design workflow with Fabrie, covering brainstorming, collaboration, visualization, professional presentations, and reports.
  • Digital Solutions for Classroom Setting: Enhance teaching engagements by using Fabrie to present lessons and receive real-time feedback from students in a digital classroom setting.
  • Efficient Design Management: Consolidate all design-related files and documents on Fabrie. Facilitate client conversations, create mood boards, and review designs efficiently.
  • Fashion Industry Tool: Leverage Fabrie AI to quickly modify fashion designs, predict trends, and understand consumer demands in the dynamic fashion industry.
  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Collaborate with your team effortlessly using Fabrie. Share ideas, review designs, and present results with ease, regardless of time or location.

Fabrie is a groundbreaking platform that transforms the approach to design. With a focus on collaboration, visualization, and digital transformation, Fabrie offers an all-encompassing solution for design professionals. Leveraging AI guarantees efficiency, making it the ultimate hub for design work across various domains, including product, fashion, interior, graphic design, and more.

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