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Instantly AI: Revolutionizing Cold Email Strategies

Unlock the potential of your outreach campaigns with Instantly AI, a robust cold email software designed for scalability. Empower your strategies with unlimited email sending accounts, boundless warmup options, and intelligent AI functionality.

Pricing: Paid,$30/mo
Semrush rank: 478.7k
Location: Sheridan,United States of America
Release time: Apr. 2021


  • Infinitely Scale Your Outreach with Unlimited Accounts: Connect and send from unlimited email accounts, enabling the dispatch of thousands of emails daily without compromising your sender reputation.
  • Reach Your Prospects Inbox with Unlimited Warmup: Ensure your email accounts are thoroughly warmed up using 200K+ real human accounts, keeping your emails out of spam and enhancing your overall sending reputation.
  • Protect Your Deliverability with Email Validation and Bulk Domain Testing: Cleanse and verify your lead lists while ensuring your domains are configured for optimal cold emailing with a one-click bulk domain tester.
  • Automate & Personalise Emails with Campaign Builder & Integrations: Maximize deliverability and response rates using variables, sequences, and smart scheduling. Leverage Zapier integration and webhooks for advanced automations.
  • Save Time with Inbox Rotation: Streamline your email campaigns by consolidating all sending accounts into one campaign. Let Instantly AI rotate sending emails between them for a more natural approach.
  • Respond to Leads and Close Deals with Unibox: Efficiently manage multiple inboxes, mark leads, forward or respond to book meetings, and close deals—all from one simple inbox with Instantly AI’s Unibox feature.
  • Optimize with Campaign Analytics: Pause underperforming campaigns and scale successful ones using the advanced analytics dashboard for informed decision-making.
  • Eliminate Guesswork with Instantly Cold Email Accelerator: Access 50+ docs and SOPs, 600+ cold email templates, and step-by-step instructions on setting up campaigns. Dive into the Cold Email Vault with 200+ strategies and tools.
  • Learn From The Best in Our Private Community: Join a private Facebook community to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, seek advice from experts, and discover successful strategies that work.

Use Cases:

  • Expand Your Business and Gain New Clients: Instantly AI accelerates business expansion by seamlessly incorporating unlimited email accounts and facilitating effective outreach to prospects.
  • Manage Multiple Inboxes Simultaneously: Effortlessly oversee multiple inboxes from diverse sending accounts with Unibox. Mark leads, forward or respond to book meetings, and close deals from one simplified inbox.
  • Improve Your Email Deliverability: Ensure your emails reach prospects’ inboxes and avoid spam with features like Warmup, email validation, and bulk domain testing provided by Instantly AI.

Join the ranks of thousands of entrepreneurs, recruiters, and agencies who trust Instantly AI to expedite business expansion and client acquisition. With powerful features like Warmup, Campaign Builder, and Unibox, Instantly AI enables you to personalize and automate your email outreach, manage multiple inboxes, and enhance your email deliverability. Sign up for free today and experience firsthand why Instantly AI stands as the premier cold email software in the market.

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