Icetana: Revolutionizing Surveillance with Advanced AI Anomaly Detection

Icetana introduces cutting-edge AI surveillance software designed to detect and proactively prevent potential security threats in real-time. It delivers intelligent surveillance solutions for extensive networks, changing the game in the world of CCTV surveillance by filtering regular activities and ensuring that unusual or noteworthy events never go unnoticed.

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Release time: Oct. 2009


  • Anomaly Detection for Time, Count & Location: Our software excels at identifying events occurring at unusual times, irregular counts in specific locations, and suspicious activities in uncommon areas.
  • Rapid Incident Identification: Trips, Falls, and Fires: Leveraging advanced AI, our technology swiftly recognizes incidents like trips and falls, as well as early signs of fire, enabling immediate response.
  • Unusual Speed & Direction Detection: Icetana’s software can detect unusual speeds and directions of individuals or vehicles, signaling potential risks or suspicious behaviors.
  • People & Vehicle Peak Monitoring: The system efficiently tracks and monitors the flow of people and vehicles, alerting security personnel to unusual crowding and potential issues.

Use Cases:

  • Continuous Surveillance Oversight: Icetana enhances security team efficiency, enabling them to focus on real-time events without being overwhelmed by vast amounts of CCTV footage.
  • Proactive Security Measures: By identifying unusual behaviors and potential risk factors before they escalate into incidents, Icetana empowers businesses to take proactive, real-time measures.
  • Effective Monitoring of Large & Remote Locations: With Icetana’s AI capabilities, even expansive and remote areas can be effectively monitored, heightening security and safety.
  • Enhanced Staff Productivity: Our AI software handles the heavy lifting, allowing security staff to work more efficiently and concentrate on critical tasks.

Icetana’s AI Surveillance Software is an indispensable ally for every security team. With its proficiency in detecting unusual incidents across extensive surveillance networks, this software transforms the way security threats are identified and addressed. Schedule a demo now to witness its intelligence in action.

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