Greenlite AI

Greenlite AI: Revolutionizing Compliance with Smart Automation

Greenlite AI leverages the power of generative AI to automate mundane operational and investigative tasks for compliance teams, expediting processes and cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Unlock peak efficiency and streamline your workflows with the remarkable capabilities of Greenlite.

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Release time: Oct. 2022


  • Rapid Deployment: Integrate Greenlite agents into your systems within a mere 2 weeks. Proficient in the playbooks of top financial crime investigators and intelligent automation, they seamlessly align with your policies, tools, and systems.
  • Seamless System Integration: Greenlite’s generative AI seamlessly interacts with alerts from your existing systems, conducting investigations and assessments to create a more efficient operational landscape.
  • On-Demand Workforce Augmentation: Access tailor-made agents on demand. Collaborate with Greenlite to train, test, and deploy agents in areas requiring immediate attention, all in a matter of weeks, not months.
  • Unmatched Return on Investment (ROI): Investigate high-risk activities in less time, while simultaneously reducing costs, closing compliance gaps, and extending support to a greater number of customers.

Use Cases:

  • Alert Analysis: Leverage our bots for round-the-clock analysis of alerts generated by your systems.
  • Backlog Resolution: Effortlessly clear backlogs with bots that handle historical alerts.
  • Real-Time Customer Data Validation: Utilize Greenlite for immediate validation of data submitted by new business customers.
  • Effortless Report Generation: Generate audit-ready narratives for existing investigations in a matter of seconds.
  • Continuous Transaction Monitoring: Ensure uninterrupted, real-time transaction reviews, 24/7.
  • Periodic Due Diligence: Conduct regular assessments of high-risk customers using open-source, private, and internal data.

If your compliance team is burdened with repetitive investigation tasks and overwhelmed by mounting backlogs, it’s time to empower them with Greenlite. Our AI system not only accelerates your processes but also ensures error-free outcomes, allowing your team to concentrate on high-impact tasks. Welcome to a smarter, cost-effective approach to meet your stringent regulatory standards.

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