Finch 3D

Finch - Elevate Building Design with AI Optimization

Experience the synergy of AI, graph technology, and advanced algorithms as Finch optimizes and challenges your building design. Receive instantaneous feedback on performance and uncover optimal solutions effortlessly.

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Location: Hayes,United Kingdom
Release time: Feb. 2019


  • Optimized Architecture: Harnessing the power of AI and advanced algorithms, Finch continuously refines your design to achieve the exact architectural vision you desire.
  • Iterate at Speed: Unlock the potential of generative technology, enabling swift iterations and allowing you to explore a diverse array of design options at an unprecedented pace.
  • Fast Track Decisions: Leverage data-driven insights for instant feedback on performance, facilitating well-informed design decisions. Streamline feedback loops and ensure decisions are guided by precise numerical analysis.
  • No Entry Barriers: Seamlessly integrate Finch with your existing design and drafting tools, eliminating entry barriers and simplifying its incorporation into your current workflow.

Use Cases:

  • Optimized Architecture: Architects benefit from Finch’s ability to optimize building designs using AI and advanced algorithms.
  • Iterate at Speed: Architects can swiftly explore and iterate on design options with the aid of Finch’s generative technology.
  • Fast Track Decisions: Finch provides architects with instant feedback on performance, facilitating informed design decisions grounded in precise data.
  • No Entry Barriers: Finch seamlessly integrates with existing design and drafting tools, ensuring a hassle-free incorporation into the architectural workflow.

Finch stands as a robust tool for architects, utilizing AI and advanced algorithms to optimize designs, enable rapid iterations, provide instant feedback, and seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.

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