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Exspanse is a comprehensive AI hub that empowers Data Scientists to build, train, and deploy their data models with exceptional performance and cost-efficiency. It also fosters team collaboration, supports the commercialization of AI projects, and extends access to the DeepSpace AI Marketplace to showcase unique AI projects and ML applications.

Semrush rank: 17.6m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: May. 2020


  • Effortless Model Deployment as APIs: Leverage the Rapid Deploy feature to effortlessly deploy models as APIs directly from an Exspanse Notebook.
  • Community-Powered Marketplace: Clone, publish, and sell your exceptional AI projects on the DeepSpace AI Marketplace, fostering rapid prototyping and collaborative efforts to advance the AI community.
  • Monetize AI Projects: Share pre-trained ML projects on our community marketplace with free or paid licenses, building a transparent portfolio of custom AI solutions for the global AI community.

Use Cases:

  • Empowering Solo Data Scientists: Exspanse is engineered for solo data scientists who prioritize speed, affordability, and streamlined deployment of their models. It offers the ideal platform to create ML applications from concept to deployment, transforming them into a robust Full Stack Powerhouse.
  • Boosting Small Data Teams: Small data teams can efficiently prototype and deploy projects, whether working individually or collaboratively. Each team member can build and deploy production-grade projects, elevating the team’s overall performance.
  • Monetizing AI Innovations: Data scientists can publish and sell their pre-trained ML applications, not only monetizing their expertise but also promoting the widespread adoption of cost-effective AI solutions for small to medium-sized businesses worldwide.

Exspanse is an indispensable platform that bridges the gap between AI development and its commercial application. With a robust array of features supporting rapid prototyping, seamless team collaborations, and opportunities to publish and sell unique AI projects, Exspanse wholeheartedly supports the AI community.

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