Defog AI

Defog AI: Bridging the Gap Between Natural Language and Data Analytics

Defog offers AI models specifically designed to translate natural language into SQL and Python, enabling seamless integration with intricate data workflows. Tailored for compatibility with all SQL databases, Defog empowers you to maintain complete control over your data, effortlessly aligning with your database structure and business regulations.

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Release time: Nov. 2022


  • Effortless Database Integration: Defog seamlessly integrates with all SQL databases, ensuring a harmonious fit with your existing database structures, while accommodating your unique metrics and industry codes.
  • Comprehensive Control and Monitoring: Defog furnishes solutions for governing model outputs, monitoring performance, and detecting model regression, thereby providing a high level of data security and control.
  • Data Privacy Respect: In contrast to other solutions, Defog relies solely on metadata for fine-tuning LLMs without accessing the actual database. It’s deployable on-premises or in the cloud.

Use Cases:

  • Handling Complex Enterprise Workflows: Defog is intricately crafted to automate and seamlessly integrate within complex data workflows, offering streamlined operations and heightened efficiency.
  • Custom Metrics Training: Defog allows for training on custom metrics and industry codes, ensuring that the AI models are meticulously aligned with your distinct business rules and schema.
  • Continuous Enhancement and Flexibility: Defog perpetually refines and evolves based on feedback, providing a sturdy, adaptable, and responsive solution.

Defog stands as a formidable solution for enterprise analytics requirements. Its Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability, coupled with advanced AI models, presents a unique answer to bridging the communication divide between user queries and database responses, granting businesses superior control over their data.

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