ChatsNow AI

ChatsNow: Your AI Translator and Multifunctional Assistant

Meet ChatsNow, the AI-powered chatbot that excels in writing, translation, programming, and marketing. Install ChatsNow for a seamless experience on both Chrome and Edge browsers.

Semrush rank: 1 billion
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Aug. 2023


  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Enjoy ChatsNow’s flawless performance on both Chrome and Edge browsers.
  • Swift Access and User-Friendly Interface: Summon ChatsNow effortlessly to provide quick answers while you’re browsing.
  • Abundant Question Templates: Choose from a diverse selection of over 20 practical templates covering topics such as summarization, proofreading, programming, and marketing.
  • Four AI Functions in One: ChatsNow offers four essential AI functions: answering questions, engaging in chat conversations, assisting in writing tasks, and even helping with drawing.
  • Rapid Response to Selected Text: With ChatsNow, you can perform actions like translation, summarization, rewriting, and expansion based on your selected text.

Use Cases:

  • Question and Answer: Gain instant answers to your queries from this versatile AI chatbot.
  • Engaging Chat Conversations: Experience the reassuring responses of an AI chat companion.
  • Writing Assistance: Boost your writing efficiency, making it ideal for content creators and marketers.
  • Unleash Your Inner Artist: Discover your artistic side with ChatsNow’s drawing feature, even if you lack drawing skills.

ChatsNow, the multifunctional browser plugin, elevates learning, office tasks, and everyday life through its powerful AI capabilities.

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