ChatCraft: Your Open-Source Coding Companion

ChatCraft is a web-based AI assistant tailor-made for software developers. It simplifies the coding process with the help of Large Language Models, making interactions, debugging, and code enhancement a breeze. This open-source tool seamlessly integrates with models from various AI vendors, providing flexibility and compatibility.

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Location: DATA REDACTED,United States of America
Release time: Apr. 2023


  • Tailored for Code Conversations: ChatCraft is engineered for meaningful coding conversations, enhancing your understanding and implementation of code effortlessly.
  • Supports Multiple AI Vendors: With ChatCraft, you have the freedom to work with a range of AI models from different vendors, ensuring compatibility and choice.
  • Customizable and Interactive: Whether you’re editing AI-generated responses or using custom system prompts, ChatCraft offers an interactive coding experience.
  • Effortless Switching and Retrying: Effortlessly switch between multiple AI models, retry interactions, and achieve the coding results you desire with ChatCraft.
  • Open-Source Community: Join the thriving open-source community and contribute to the growth of ChatCraft as an open-source platform.

Use Cases:

  • Learning and Experimentation: ChatCraft is an excellent tool for beginners to learn and a powerful platform for experienced developers to experiment with AI-based coding.
  • Debugging and Code Enhancement: With ChatCraft, gain a better understanding of your LLM-based code and make prompt improvements.
  • Versatile Coding Solutions: Whether you need to run generated code, create custom functions, or get quick ‘Show Me The Code’ snippets, ChatCraft makes coding versatile.
  • Local Chat Storage: ChatCraft securely stores every chat in a local, offline database in your browser, ensuring easy access and search of past conversations.

ChatCraft empowers developers with an open-source, interactive, and versatile coding platform, transforming the way they interact with Large Language Models.

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