Blackshark AI The Future of 3D Digital Planet Replication

Embark on an extraordinary journey with, where we craft a real-time, precise, searchable, and photorealistic 3D digital twin of our entire planet. Empowered by a fusion of satellite data and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

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Release time: Jul. 2018


  • Comprehensive Geospatial Platform: Unveil’s state-of-the-art geospatial platform, an instrumental tool to unearth insights and conjure up an authentic, geo-typical digital replica of our planet’s intricate infrastructure.
  • The Marvel of SYNTH3D: Introducing SYNTH3D by, a synthetic, life-like 3D mirror image of our planet’s surface, enriched with semantic insights extracted from satellite and aerial imagery.
  • World-Class Flight Simulation: Blackshark’s AI-driven technology empowers immersive 3D flight simulation and image generation, painting the entire planet’s surface with photorealistic buildings for an extraordinary experience.
  • Semantic and Synthetic 3D Realms: Witness the transformation of satellite, aerial, and geospatial data into a machine-readable database, giving rise to photorealistic synthetic 3D environments with applications spanning a multitude of industries.
  • A Synthetic 3D Globe:’s synthetic 3D Globe brings forth an efficient and up-to-date digital embodiment of our planet’s surface, complete with topography, architectural structures, and lush vegetation.
  • Diving into Digital Airports: Embark on a journey into’s world of specialized airport generation technology, where any airport on Earth is recreated in vivid detail, featuring runways, terminal buildings, and airport lighting.
  • Generative Training Data: Leverage’s training scene generator to access region-specific synthetic training images, meticulously annotated and tailored for machine learning and sensor simulations.
  • Semantic 3D Urban Models: Discover’s collection of georeferenced 3D vector maps extracted from satellite imagery, offering unparalleled detail in building volumes and rooftop reconstruction.
  • Unlocking Geospatial Insights:’s Orca service harnesses the power of AI to identify objects and extract attributes from satellite images, driving applications in 3D mapping and risk analysis.

Use Cases:

  • Envisioning Smart Cities: Explore’s synthetic environments, ideal for envisioning smart cities and simulating diverse scenarios.
  • Elevating Flight Simulation: Blackshark’s technology serves as the cornerstone for realistic flight simulation, delivering an immersive 3D flying experience.
  • Training UAVs and eVTOLs:’s synthetic environments are the go-to choice for training unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.
  • Crafting Digital Airports: Harness the power of’s specialized airport generation technology for crafting true-to-life airport simulations and sensor testing.
  • Revolutionizing Urban Planning:’s geospatial analytics and 3D city models drive innovation in urban planning, encompassing change detection and risk analysis.
  • Unveiling Insurance Insights:’s geospatial analytics open doors to accurate risk analysis for the insurance industry, uncovering new dimensions of understanding. presents a groundbreaking geospatial platform, SYNTH3D, and state-of-the-art AI capabilities, offering a pioneering solution to craft real-time, precision, and photorealistic 3D digital replicas of our planet.

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