Copernic360 - Transforming 360° Content into Immersive 2+1D Environments

Enter the future of environment creation with our cutting-edge generative AI. Empower your 360° images and videos with Copernic360 to produce immersive 2+1D environments. Join us on our journey towards fully AI-generated 3D landscapes.

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  • Generative AI for 2+1D Environments: Our platform harnesses advanced AI to elevate your 2D content into captivating 2+1D environments, fusing panoramic visuals with depth for an unparalleled immersive experience.
  • VR Exploration: Immerse yourself in the AI-generated environments with compatibility for Quest headsets, offering a truly immersive VR exploration of your scenes.
  • OpenRAIL – M License: Enjoy the freedom of using the generated 360° images for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, expanding your creative horizons.
  • Continuous Research and Development: Our team is actively engaged in pioneering research in Generative AI, with recent contributions at leading deep learning conferences. Our roadmap includes scalable panoramic AI for the future.

Use Cases:

  • Media Production with AI: Media creators can leverage our generative AI to craft unique, scalable backgrounds and environments for video production, enhancing visual storytelling.
  • Immersive Virtual Reality: VR developers can integrate AI-generated environments into their VR games and experiences, offering users truly immersive and dynamic virtual worlds.

Join us at the forefront of generative AI environments. With our ongoing research and advancements, a future of high-resolution, fully AI-generated 3D landscapes awaits.

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