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Polyhive | Revolutionize 3D Workflows with AI Enhancement

Polyhive is your go-to platform for supercharging 3D workflows and productivity with the power of Artificial Intelligence. This innovative tool dramatically reduces manual 3D texturing time, enabling the creation of high-quality assets in mere minutes while giving you complete creative control.

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  • Automated 3D Workflows: Transform your organization’s 3D workflows with automation. Cut manual 3D texturing time by over 90% to boost artist productivity significantly.
  • Quality & Precision: Create top-tier 3D assets with precision and total control. Leverage generative AI to enhance creativity while maintaining complete control.
  • Customizable Art Styles: Tailor Polyhive to your unique art style and graphics pipeline. Keep full control over your art style with Polyhive’s Studio Plan.
  • Versatile Across Industries: Polyhive is designed to excel in various industries, including gaming, animation, and design, where it accelerates asset creation while upholding quality.

Use Cases:

  • Polyhive for Gaming: Revolutionize game development with AI-assisted 3D texturing that speeds up asset creation without sacrificing quality.
  • Polyhive for Animation: Effortlessly streamline your animation pipeline with AI-enhanced 3D texturing, allowing you to focus more on character and form nuances.
  • Polyhive for Design: Infuse AI into your CAD workflows and architectural designs. Quickly texture and visualize your creations to enhance efficiency and ideation.

Polyhive is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for, significantly enhancing the productivity and quality of your 3D workflows with AI-assisted texturing. Don’t miss out—start your free trial today!

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