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Enhance Customer Service with Alterra Answers for Zendesk - AI Empowered Support

Elevate customer satisfaction and reduce support costs with Alterra Answers, a cutting-edge AI-powered app that delivers instant responses to customer inquiries, seamlessly integrating with Zendesk Support for a streamlined support experience.

Semrush rank: 5.9m
Location: Palo Alto,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • AI-powered NLP Engine: Alterra Answers excels in understanding natural language, outperforming competitors by 4x through its AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine.
  • Auto-pilot mode: Effortlessly resolve up to 20% of support tickets by proactively screening new Zendesk tickets and providing instant, accurate answers through Alterra Answers’ auto-pilot mode.
  • Co-pilot mode: Boost team productivity and shorten response times by leveraging Alterra Answers’ co-pilot mode, suggesting answers within the Zendesk agent interface for efficient customer support.
  • AI-powered Zendesk Guide Search: Enhance self-service rates with an outstanding 90% accuracy using the Deep Learning NLP Engine, seamlessly taking over search functions in the Zendesk Guide.
  • Code-free setup: Experience a hassle-free setup with Alterra Answers – no coding required. The app seamlessly plugs into your Zendesk Support account, importing your knowledge base for faster, time-saving answers.

Use Cases:

  • COVID Q&A Bot: Address questions related to the coronavirus outbreak, providing valuable information and assistance to customers through Alterra Answers’ COVID Q&A bot.
  • Instant Customer Service: Deliver instant answers to customers’ queries, enhancing satisfaction and fostering loyalty with Alterra Answers’ rapid-response capabilities.
  • Lower Support Costs: Optimize support costs by reducing the time spent on repetitive questions, allowing agents to focus on more complex issues with Alterra Answers’ efficiency.
  • 24/7 Availability: Ensure round-the-clock accessibility to win customer trust and loyalty with Alterra Answers, providing uninterrupted support.

Discover the power of Alterra Answers for Zendesk today to transform your customer service, boost satisfaction, and reduce support costs. With a seamless code-free setup and advanced AI features, it’s the ideal solution for businesses seeking efficiency and cost savings in customer support.

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