Revolutionize Customer Support with Cohere's Conversational AI Platform

Cohere stands as a cutting-edge AI-powered conversational platform designed to empower CX teams, enabling them to resolve tickets swiftly and cost-effectively. This platform delivers personalized answers across various channels, identifies customer trends, and offers robust automation solutions tailored for the rapid growth of support teams.

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Location: United States of America
Release time: Jun. 2012


  • Automation for Fast-Growing Customer Service Teams: Cohere is at the forefront of automation solutions for support teams, automating up to 60% of tickets and providing instant, personalized responses over any channel. Utilizing advanced AI that comprehends language beyond keywords, Cohere delivers solutions, not just answers.
  • Utilize Existing Support Resources Effectively: Cohere empowers you to transform support articles and previous conversations into personalized responses and accurate resolutions with a single click. Advanced analytics identify potential issues and content gaps, streamlining resolution with just a few clicks.
  • AI that Actually Gives the Right Answers: Cohere tackles the challenge of inaccurate automation by using generative AI to extract answers from agent responses (post-human approval). It automatically responds when the same question is repeated, ensuring that automation becomes progressively smarter over time.
  • Supercharge Your Existing CX Stack: Instantly integrate Cohere with your current service desk, maximizing the potential of platforms your agents are already using. Cohere’s Flowgen AI offers personalized flows, and it measures and drives ROI for enhanced CX efficiency.

Use Cases:

  • Ramp Automated 60% of Tickets with 5x ROI: Ramp leveraged Cohere to automate 60% of its tickets, resulting in a remarkable 5x ROI. Cohere enabled self-service for over 60% of in-app inquiries within weeks.
  • Flock Safety Scaled CX Efficiency with Enhanced Loyalty: Flock Safety utilized Cohere to scale CX efficiency and boost customer loyalty. The platform contributed to improved customer support, leading to increased satisfaction.
  • Rippling Went Live in Days, Achieving 50% Deflection Increase: Rippling employed Cohere to go live swiftly, achieving a 50% deflection increase. Cohere facilitated personalized support, elevating customer satisfaction.
  • Podium Delivers Faster, 24/7 Service with Cohere: Podium harnessed Cohere to deliver faster, 24/7 service to customers. Cohere’s personalized support contributed to heightened customer satisfaction.

For an AI-powered conversational platform that delivers personalized support, Cohere stands out. With its automation solutions, personalized responses, advanced analytics, and generative AI, Cohere ensures accurate answers to repeated questions. Supercharge your CX stack and measure ROI effortlessly with Cohere.

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