Alpha3D - Empowering 3D Transformation from 2D Imagery at Scale

Alpha3D is a cutting-edge AI-driven platform that empowers users to effortlessly transmute 2D images into top-tier 3D digital assets. Bid farewell to the costly and time-consuming world of 3D modeling!

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2021


  • 10x Accelerated Output: Produce 3D content automatically and at scale, eliminating the need for physical scanning or an army of 3D designers. Turbocharge your workflows and reach the market swiftly.
  • Up to 100x Cost-Efficiency: Save up to a staggering 100 times on manual labor and other expensive resources per model, compared to traditional 3D creation methodologies.
  • Zero 3D Modeling Expertise Required: Transfigure 2D images into 3D digital assets with utmost simplicity, even if you lack design experience. Alpha3D empowers everyone to craft 3D content.
  • Uncompromising Quality: Alpha3D is your partner in crafting high-caliber 3D models, irrespective of their complexity. Let us weave the magic of quality for you!

Use Cases:

  • Craft Immersive Realities: Forge 3D content for augmented reality (AR) ventures, ushering in swift and graceful immersive retail experiences.
  • Visually Stunning Product Showcase: Fabricate 3D models that showcase products with intricate fabrics, textures, shading, and details. Effortlessly metamorphose 2D images into hyper-realistic assets.

Alpha3D is at the forefront of a revolution in 3D content creation, introducing speed, cost-efficiency, and accessibility. Say farewell to the world of expensive and time-consuming manual modeling!

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