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Transform Your Email Experience with AI Mail Assistant

Empower your Gmail communications with our revolutionary add-on, driven by OpenAI's ChatGPT. Generate swift and precise email responses, receive error-free drafts, benefit from efficient email summaries, seamless translations, and expert support for comprehensive text analysis and detection.

Pricing: Paid,$3.99/mo
Semrush rank: 10.8m
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Dec. 2022


  • Generate Smart Email Responses: Harness the capabilities of GPT-4 for the rapid and accurate generation of email responses that resonate with intelligence and relevance.
  • Improve & Enhance Emails: AI Mail Assistant meticulously reviews your drafts, offering error detection and enhancement suggestions, ensuring your emails exude professionalism and precision.
  • Quick Email Summaries: Effortlessly grasp the core essence of lengthy emails with the ‘Summarize’ feature, saving valuable time and ensuring you stay well-informed.
  • Instant Access to ChatGPT Expertise: Access real-time support by seamlessly interacting with ChatGPT directly within your Gmail interface, addressing queries and gaining expert insights.
  • Seamless Translation in 13 Languages: Bridge language barriers effortlessly with our built-in translation feature, supporting communication across 13 different languages.
  • Comprehensive Text Analysis & Detection: Beyond simple emotional tone detection, our AI-powered tool provides a nuanced understanding of the subtleties within your emails, ensuring a holistic text analysis.

Use Cases:

  • Save Time: Let AI Mail Assistant handle the heavy lifting of crafting intelligent responses and refining your email drafts, freeing up more time for your other essential tasks.
  • Avoid Language Barriers and Mistakes: Mitigate language barriers and enhance communication by utilizing our tool’s seamless translation and grammar improvement features.
  • Enhance Professionalism: Project a refined and professional image with our grammar and wording enhancement feature, coupled with the efficiency of quick email summaries.

Elevate your email communication with the transformative capabilities of AI Mail Assistant. Experience swift, accurate, and natural language processing that saves time, eliminates language barriers, and enhances your overall professionalism.

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