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Empower Your Shortcuts with AI Actions by Sindre Sorhus

Discover Sindre Sorhus's latest innovation - AI actions for the Shortcuts app. Safely interact with the ChatGPT API while your OpenAI API key remains securely stored in your keychain. Download the macOS version today.

Semrush rank: 1.1m
Location: DATA REDACTED,Norway
Release time: Oct. 2010


  • Seamless ChatGPT API Interaction: Effortlessly engage with the ChatGPT API through this app’s secure functionality.
  • Fortified API Key Storage: Rest assured with your OpenAI API key securely stored in your keychain, eliminating exposure risks.
  • Versatile Compatibility & Customization: This app is fully compatible with macOS, accommodates longer text inputs, and offers customization options for advanced users. Future support for additional AI APIs is on the horizon.

Use Cases:

  • Streamlined API Access: Simplify direct OpenAI API calls within Shortcuts while keeping your API key secure.
  • Safe Shortcut Sharing: Share your shortcuts with others confidently, knowing your API key remains protected from exposure.

Sindre Sorhus’s AI actions for the Shortcuts app provide a secure and user-friendly means to harness the power of AI-related APIs. Enhance your device’s intelligence without compromising on security.

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