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Youper: Revolutionizing Mental Health Care with Artificial Intelligence

Youper is a healthcare technology company committed to making mental health care accessible to everyone. Our AI-powered solutions have already assisted over 2,000,000 individuals, providing clinically effective mental health interventions.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Oct. 2018


  • AI to Address the Mental Health Crisis: Youper believes in the transformative power of AI to disrupt mental healthcare and effectively tackle the ongoing mental health crisis.
  • Clinically Effective Digital Mental Health: Built on evidence-based interventions studied extensively, Youper’s technology is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, ensuring effective digital mental health support.
  • Engaging and Personalized Solutions: Youper combines psychology and AI to comprehend patients’ emotional needs, offering personalized, evidence-based behavioral interventions. Recognized as the most engaging digital health solution for anxiety and depression.
  • Scaling Mental Health Care with AI: Youper’s AI-powered platform empowers providers, employers, payers, and life science companies to cut costs and extend mental health care accessibility to a broader audience.

Use Cases:

  • For Patients: Youper serves as the first responder for individuals facing emotional health challenges, providing convenient support whenever and wherever needed.
  • For Providers: Easily integrated into existing care workflows, Youper extends the reach of health professionals to better support their patients.
  • For Employers: Youper enables employers to deliver improved mental health care to employees, enhancing team productivity and motivation.
  • For Payers: Youper helps payers meet the demand for mental health parity with cost-effective and easily accessible digital solutions for patients.
  • For Life Sciences: Youper serves as a companion application to a drug or as a standalone prescription digital therapeutic, contributing to comprehensive mental health care.

Youper stands as an award-winning AI-powered mental health platform, offering accessible and effective care to all. Clinically proven, engaging, and seamlessly integrable into existing workflows, Youper is transforming mental health care for patients, providers, employers, payers, and life science companies.

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