Sohar Health: Elevate Your Behavioral Health Practice with Automated Insurance Verification

Sohar Health introduces a groundbreaking platform for behavioral health providers, offering seamless and precise insurance eligibility verification. Harness the power of our AI technology for medical coding and redirect your resources towards delivering top-notch patient care.

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Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Automated Insurance Eligibility Verification: Sohar Health empowers behavioral health providers to automate insurance eligibility verification, reducing manual operation time, improving patient intake, and preventing claim denials.
  • Integrated with Your Existing Workflow: Our system seamlessly integrates with your EHR/Practice Management Solution, ensuring a synchronized patient roster for uninterrupted operations.
  • Accurate Eligibility Verification: Ensure accurate verification of patient eligibility for behavioral health reimbursements across a multitude of insurance providers, achieving an impressive accuracy level of 99%.
  • Designed for Developers: Leverage our robust and user-friendly APIs to further streamline your operations. We provide comprehensive documentation, libraries, and technical support for easy integration.
  • Backed by Leading Investors: Sohar Health enjoys the support of prominent investors, reinforcing its reliability and value within the healthcare sector.

Use Cases:

  • Reducing Administrative Tasks: Employ Sohar Health to minimize the time spent on manual insurance eligibility verification processes, thereby enhancing administrative efficiency.
  • Increasing Patient Intake: By automating eligibility checks during patient intake, you can seamlessly process more patients and boost your conversion rates.
  • Reducing Claim Denials: Access detailed information on patients’ coverage, effectively preventing unnecessary claim denials and optimizing your revenue.
  • Improving Workflow Synchronization: Enhance the integration of your patient roster with your EHR/Practice Management Solution using Sohar Health, ensuring improved workflow synchronization.

Sohar Health transforms the landscape of insurance eligibility verification for behavioral health providers. Through automation, providers can save valuable time and resources, improve patient intake, and minimize claim denials. The platform’s seamless integration with EHR and Practice Management Solutions, along with its developer-friendly APIs, positions Sohar Health as an indispensable tool in modern healthcare.

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