Upheal: Elevate Mental Health Care with Automated Notes and Analytics

Upheal serves as your AI assistant, empowering mental health professionals with automated notes, video calls, and analytics to enhance productivity and client care.

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  • Efficient Transcription: Save time and energy by allowing Upheal to transcribe and analyze therapy sessions, enabling mental health professionals to focus more on client care.
  • Streamlined Calls and Documentation: Experience high-quality video calls on Upheal’s secure platform, with automatic note creation and analysis, simplifying the documentation process for therapists.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Ensure data security and compliance with Upheal, adhering to HIPAA and GDPR guidelines. Benefit from end-to-end encryption, maintaining the confidentiality of client information.
  • Comprehensive Session History and Analytics: Access organized client session summaries and smart analytics on Upheal, enabling therapists to track progress, identify recurring themes, and gain valuable insights for effective therapy.

Use Cases:

  • Effortless Note-Taking: Automate the creation of DAP-informed progress notes with Upheal, freeing up therapists’ time and energy for more meaningful client interactions.
  • Therapeutic Insights: Leverage Upheal’s smart AI to gain insightful analytics from session summaries, identify trends, and monitor client progress over time.
  • Secure Teletherapy: Utilize Upheal’s secure video call platform, ensuring encrypted data storage and maintaining privacy and confidentiality for remote therapy sessions.

Upheal revolutionizes mental health practices by simplifying note-taking, providing valuable insights, and boosting productivity for therapists.

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