Kudra: Empowering Intelligent Document Applications and Annotation

Discover Kudra, an advanced AI engine designed to streamline your NLP projects with efficient data labeling, training, and model deployment. Unlock the simplicity of data extraction, classification, and annotation from diverse documents, including PDFs, images, or plain texts. Kudra is set to revolutionize industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, legal, and technology.

Semrush rank: 3.5m
Location: France
Release time: Apr. 2020


  • Intelligent Document Classification: Master the art of data extraction with our intelligently designed Document Classification feature. Decipher information effortlessly from PDFs, images, or simple text.
  • Accurate OCR Technology: Optimize data extraction with our Optical Character Recognition technology, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed while extracting text from images.
  • Effortless Data Labeling: Experience simplicity with Kudra’s autonomous labeling. Our system learns from your inputs, reducing your effort while maintaining supreme label quality.
  • Fast and Easy Model Training: Save time and hassle by training machine-learning models on your annotated dataset in a few clicks, optimizing up to 80% of annotation time.
  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Coordinate labeling efforts and maintain an efficient workflow with UbiAI’s team management feature embedded in Kudra.

Use Cases:

  • Medical Record Analysis: Simplify medical record analysis for healthcare professionals with UBIAI, facilitating quicker and more accurate decision-making.
  • Financial Document Analysis: Prevent fraudulent activities with UBIAI in the finance industry. Execute semantic analysis to detect duplicate claims or repair costs.
  • Legal Industry Use: Streamline processes in the legal field with UBIAI, from semantic search to fraud detection, leveraging NLP technologies.
  • Chatbot and Virtual Assistant Training: Efficiently train high-tech NLP models for chatbots and virtual assistants in the technology industry with UBIAI’s AI-powered labeling and annotation features.

For a user-friendly tagging platform in NLP projects, Kudra’s UBIAI offers intuitively embedded tools catering to various document types and languages. With provisions for students, researchers, and enterprises, Kudra makes natural language processing and ML solutions accessible, affordable, and secure for smarter decisions.

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