Tooltips AI

Tooltips AI: Your Swift Comprehension Companion

Bid farewell to the challenges of extensive readings - Tooltips AI, powered by ChatGPT, assists you in quickly grasping content, answering queries, and explaining highlighted words in over 100 languages across web and PDF domains.

Semrush rank: 12.4m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Rapid Comprehension: Facilitates swift understanding of intricate content by presenting it in simple language.
  • Diverse Language Support: Comprehend and translate content effortlessly in 100+ languages.
  • Versatile Web and PDF Support: Efficiently operates on both web-based and PDF-formatted content.
  • Interactive Learning: Elucidates highlighted words and addresses follow-up questions, ensuring a more engaging reading experience.

Use Cases:

  • Academic Research: Tooltips AI aids in navigating extensive research papers and articles, summarizing key points for a quick understanding.
  • Language Learning: Ideal for language learners, ChatGPT’s multi-language support serves as an effective tool for acquiring or enhancing language skills.
  • Professionals: For professionals dealing with reports and paperwork, Tooltips AI swiftly provides comprehension of critical points, saving valuable time.

Elevate your reading experience with Tooltips AI; it’s akin to having your personalized assistant for decoding texts. Tooltips AI, your ultimate reading ally!

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