TextCortex AI - Your All-in-One AI Copywriting Solution

Unlock the power of TextCortex AI, the ultimate AI copywriting tool that effortlessly crafts custom content. With a vast array of features, including 160+ unique ZenoChat prompts, 60+ AI writing templates, and a Voice Activation tool for audio reading, TextCortex is your go-to solution for all your content needs.

Pricing: Freemium,$19.99/mo
Semrush rank: 229.2k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Oct. 2020


  • ZenoChat: Engage with a chatbot providing the latest information from cited sources. Personalize your AI experience by adding your own personas.
  • Browser Extension: Seamlessly integrate AI across 1000+ online platforms with TextCortex’s browser extension.
  • Templates: Access 60+ AI writing templates tailored to meet various content creation requirements.
  • Enterprise API: Explore the capabilities of TextCortex’s Text Generation API for advanced text generation solutions.
  • Zeno Assistant: Boost your writing speed and quality with the assistance of your AI companion, Zeno Assistant.
  • Integrations: Discover the extensive range of platforms compatible with TextCortex for enhanced usability.
  • Available in 25+ Languages: Effortlessly create content in multiple languages within seconds, catering to diverse global audiences.
  • Voice Activation: Provide accessibility to those with vision issues through an audio read-out feature.

Use Cases:

  • Copywriters: TextCortex streamlines the copywriting process, saving copywriters valuable time and enhancing productivity.
  • Sales Professionals: Empower sales professionals with quicker and more effective communication using TextCortex.
  • People with Dyslexia: Revolutionize content consumption for individuals with dyslexia by offering a voice read-out feature.
  • Non-Native Speakers: Enable non-native speakers to confidently compose emails and other content in their non-native language with TextCortex.
  • API Integration: Enhance monthly active users by seamlessly integrating with TextCortex’s Text Generation API.
  • Industry Marketing: Empower marketing professionals with TextCortex, enabling the rapid creation of high-quality content.
  • SaaS Enterprise: Transform SaaS enterprises with TextCortex’s AI technology, boosting productivity and workflow efficiency.

TextCortex AI stands as a game-changer for professionals, industries, and individuals alike. Offering a plethora of features and use cases, TextCortex simplifies the creation of top-notch custom content.

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