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Discover the extraordinary power of Artificial Intelligence to streamline and expedite your business writing tasks. Whether it's crafting employee performance reviews or formulating development plans, simplify your writing processes with our comprehensive AI-backed platform. Sign up for free and elevate your business writing experience.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jun. 2022


  • AI-Driven Writing: Effortlessly author your business documents by leveraging the power of AI, whether it’s performance reviews or development plans.
  • Performance Management Redefined: Revolutionize your performance management with a tool that replaces outdated review processes with efficient and effective methods.
  • Productivity Enhancement: Focus your time and energy on providing feedback rather than battling writer’s block. Enhance your performance cycle efficiency, saving over 8 hours per employee per year.

Use Cases:

  • Employee Performance Reviews: Effortlessly draft thorough and objective performance reviews using our innovative AI tool.
  • Development Plans: Utilize the platform to create comprehensive development plans, allowing you to concentrate on strategic thinking rather than the writing process.
  • Business Letters: Speed up your official correspondence with AI-assisted drafting of business letters.

Don’t let cumbersome business writing tasks hinder your productivity. Join for free and redefine your business writing approach with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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