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Experience the innovation of TemplatesGo, a cutting-edge tool crafted to simplify and expedite your legal document creation process. Effortlessly discover the ideal document form tailored to your needs.

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Release time: Jun. 2015


  • Effortless Document Creation: Bid farewell to tedious document creation with our intuitive docs creator. Just provide your answers, and let TemplatesGo handle the rest!
  • Diverse Template Selection: Choose from an extensive array of legal templates, personal documents, and more, easily customizable to meet your specific requirements.
  • Swift and Simple Process: Select a template, answer a few questions, and review the final document. That’s all it takes for a seamless document creation experience!

Use Cases:

  • Business Solutions: Access a variety of business templates for creating impactful business proposals, raising requests, handling vacation requests, and more.
  • Personal Documents: Explore a range of personal document templates, including excuse letters, recommendation letters, thank-you letters, and more.
  • Real Estate Convenience: Effortlessly create real estate documents such as security deposit return letters, rental contracts, tenant eviction notices, and more using our free templates.

TemplatesGo emerges as the ultimate document creation tool, streamlining the process of crafting legal documents. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface caters to anyone seeking to create professional-looking documents quickly and efficiently. Try TemplatesGo now and experience the advantages of seamless document creation!

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