ContractReader: Smart Contract Analysis Made Simple

Explore the most user-friendly approach to reading and comprehending smart contracts with the ContractReader Audit Tool. Standout features include syntax highlighting, real-time onchain values, and GPT-4-powered security assessments spanning various networks.

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Release time: Jan. 2022


  • Intuitive Syntax Highlighting: Effortlessly identify contract elements through our color-coded syntax highlighting.
  • Comprehensive Testnet Support: Test functionalities and obtain reliable results with our extensive Testnet support.
  • Real-time Onchain Values: Stay informed with up-to-the-minute onchain values directly within your browser.
  • Code Comparison: Conduct contract code comparisons directly in your browser to pinpoint differences and similarities.
  • Advanced GPT-4 Security Reviews: Enhance your security posture with cutting-edge GPT-4-driven security reviews for smart contracts.

Use Cases:

  • Streamlined Smart Contract Analysis: Analyze any smart contract effortlessly by entering a contract address or Etherscan URL.
  • Efficient Code Comparison: Effortlessly compare contract codes for revisions or to identify patterns among different contracts.
  • Thorough Security Audits: Conduct comprehensive security audits leveraging the latest GPT-4 technology to ensure the safety of your contracts.
  • Live Value Monitoring: Monitor live onchain values for real-time tracking and informed decision-making.

The ContractReader Audit Tool stands out as an innovative solution for individuals in the crypto space. Reading and understanding smart contracts has never been this straightforward and secure.

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