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Talpa: The AI-Powered Library Search Engine

Experience an intelligent book discovery journey with Talpa, a cutting-edge AI-based library search tool. Fueled by authentic bibliographic data from reputable sources, Talpa excels in matching obscure references, inquiry context, and even book covers.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Apr. 2023


  • Smart Book Discovery: Talpa utilizes advanced AI technology from Anthropic and OpenAI, coupled with extensive book data. Find the perfect book by accessing authoritative references from Bowker, ProQuest, LibraryThing, and more.
  • Natural-Language Processing (NLP): Harnessing the power of NLP, Talpa comprehensively understands queries and delivers precise answers using traditional library data.
  • Zero False Positives: In contrast to conventional search models, Talpa eliminates suggestions for non-existent books. Every recommendation is cross-verified against robust bibliographic resources.
  • Customized Search within Library Collections: Talpa prioritizes items within your library’s collection, although items outside may appear lower in the results, offering a tailored search experience.

Use Cases:

  • Query Matching for Readers: Whether you’re searching for ‘novels about World War II in France’ or other specific queries, Talpa taps into subjects, tags, and character data for accurate suggestions.
  • Library Collection Search: Conduct precise searches within specific library collections such as Mid-Hudson Library System, Lafayette Public Library, and Waverly Public Library.
  • Book Design Recognition: Powered by data from book lovers, Talpa adeptly finds books based on their cover designs, enhancing visual recognition.

Revolutionize your library searches with Talpa, offering precise and user-friendly book discoveries. Reach out now to enhance your library’s search function and be a part of the ongoing development of this AI-powered tool.

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