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Apple Books

Apple Books stands as the unified hub for all your beloved reads. Seamlessly browse, track, and organize your extensive library across all your Apple devices.

Pricing: Paid
Semrush rank: 1 billion
Location: Cupertino,United States of America
Release time: Feb. 1987


  • Reading Now. Your digital nightstand.: Effortlessly access the right page, explore personalized recommendations, and systematically organize your library into thoughtfully curated collections.
  • Browse top books: Embark on a journey of literary exploration as you search and discover millions of books in the Book Store. Easily locate the ones you own within your personalized library.
  • A Reading Goal you can’t put down.: Ignite your passion for reading by setting engaging reading goals, tracking your reading time, and celebrating your achievements as you cultivate enduring reading habits.
  • Publish to Apple Books: Empower your authorial aspirations with Apple Books for Authors, guiding you through the seamless process of packaging and selling your digital masterpiece on the Apple Store.

Use Cases:

  • Organize Your Library: Efficiently manage your literary haven by creating collections, revisiting completed books, and effortlessly accessing your entire library across all your Apple devices.
  • Discover New Books: Swipe through captivating book covers, absorb enticing descriptions, and delve into reviews to uncover your next literary adventure, promptly adding it to your Want to Read list.
  • Set Reading Goals: Embrace a reading journey filled with purpose by tracking your reading time, establishing daily goals, and celebrating your accomplishments, cultivating a deeper appreciation for reading in your life.
  • Publish Your Book: Leverage the power of Apple Books for Authors to seamlessly package and sell your digital creation on the illustrious Apple Store, equipped with invaluable resources to amplify your sales.

Apple Books emerges as the ultimate haven for book enthusiasts, providing a user-friendly space for easy access, meticulous organization, and the exciting discovery of new reads.

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