StackML - Unleashing Machine Learning in Your Browser

Unlock a stack of machine learning models at your fingertips. Experience limitless possibilities with machine learning right in your web browser.

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Location: Bangalore,India
Release time: Aug. 2018


  • Face Detection: Effortlessly detect human faces in images or videos.
  • Image Classifier: Classify images into predefined categories with ease.
  • Face Expression: Recognize facial expressions and emotions accurately.
  • Face Landmark: Detect and locate facial landmarks such as eyes, nose, and mouth precisely.
  • PoseNet: Estimate human poses in images or videos with advanced precision.
  • BodyPix: Segment and track human bodies in real time for dynamic applications.
  • In-Browser Training using your CPU: Select a template, upload your dataset, tweak the controls, and start training your machine learning model directly in the browser.
  • ML power your app with our Javascript library: Integrate machine learning into your apps effortlessly with a few lines of code from the StackML Javascript library.
  • Data Security: Rest assured, your dataset remains in the browser and is never sent to the backend, ensuring data security.
  • Deploy model anywhere: Download your trained model and deploy it anywhere using the StackML library.
  • TensorFlow.js wrapper: The StackML library is a seamless wrapper for TensorFlow.js, ensuring robust performance.
  • Zero setup: Build or train models without any infrastructure setup at your end, making it hassle-free.
  • Real-time Training Metrics: Visualize and monitor real-time training metrics for your machine learning models.
  • Visual Dataset: Experience a visual representation of the uploaded dataset for enhanced understanding.

Use Cases:

  • PREDICT: Experience StackML running completely in the browser, providing predictions for free. Test your machine learning model with input before downloading it for API use.
  • EXPLORE LIBRARY: Visually explore pre-trained/custom models and effortlessly integrate them into your apps with just a few lines of code from the StackML Javascript library.
  • Examples: Explore experiments built using StackML, such as Moustache up and Move Tiles.

StackML is a comprehensive platform for leveraging machine learning in the browser. With pre-trained models, in-browser training, visualization, and seamless integration with JavaScript-based apps, it opens up new possibilities for building intelligent web applications. Secure, free, and without any setup requirements, StackML is your gateway to intelligent web development.

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