Prediction Guard: Empowering Seamless Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Business

Prediction Guard stands as an advanced enterprise software solution meticulously crafted to harness the efficiency of Large Language Models (LLMs) in business environments. With a focus on security, orderliness, and compliance, it effectively streamlines operations, mitigates risks, and propels business growth.

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Release time: Nov. 2022


  • Private and Secure: Ensure utmost privacy and security with Prediction Guard by avoiding data storage in prompts and providing the option to host your models privately.
  • Custom Controls & Validated Outputs: Exercise full control over your AI outputs with Prediction Guard, enforcing structure and type on LLM outputs to deliver validated results.
  • Integration & Ensemble Functionality: Facilitate seamless integration of the latest models and enable their ensemble through a consistent, OpenAI-like API. Support integration with popular frameworks to enhance versatility.
  • Optimized Performance with Intel®: As a participant in Intel®’s LiftOff program for startups, Prediction Guard strategically positions itself for optimized performance and scalability of models and API, leveraging Intel®’s support.

Use Cases:

  • Consistent Structured Output from AI Systems: Address potential issues with inconsistent AI outputs by implementing Prediction Guard, ensuring a secure, compliant, and consistent system that provides full control.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience & Corporate Governance: Elevate business applications to the next level, eliminate model privacy concerns, and delight both customers and corporate counsels by streamlining governance and compliance.
  • Optimizing Enterprise Value via Generative AI: Tackle challenges faced by AI developers and magnify enterprise value with Prediction Guard, leveraging the power of generative AI to drive innovation.
  • Improved Business Outcomes: Clients utilizing Prediction Guard have witnessed significant sales growth by processing crucial data, showcasing the practical impact of integrating AI into business strategies.

Crafted by a trusted AI practitioner, Prediction Guard empowers businesses to fully utilize the capabilities of LLMs in their enterprise environments. Addressing real-life challenges faced by AI developers, Prediction Guard paves the way for secure, private, and efficient AI utilization in businesses.

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