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Scite: Smart Citations and Expert Analysis for Scientific Papers

Scite is a prestigious platform that offers Smart Citations and expert analysis for scientific articles. Discover and evaluate sources for claims made by language models like ChatGPT.

Semrush rank: 241.9k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Feb. 2018


  • Expert Analyses on Various Topics: Access expert opinions and analyses from reputable sources to bolster your research and claims.
  • Comprehensive Citation Reports: Explore Smart Citations presented in detailed reports, allowing you to understand how publications are cited and whether they provide supporting or contrasting evidence.
  • Trusted by Global Institutions: Scite is the trusted choice for leading institutions worldwide, including universities, publishers, and corporations.

Use Cases:

  • Corporations and Pharmaceutical Companies: Monitor drug development, clinical trials, and more in the corporate and pharma sector.
  • Universities and Government Agencies: Enhance research outcomes and tracking for your organization, whether in academia or government.
  • Researchers and Authors: Examine how your publications are cited in newer research to contextualize citations and assess supporting or contrasting evidence.
  • Publishers and Authors: Boost the discoverability of your publications and provide valuable support for your authors.

Scite stands as a trusted platform for discovering, evaluating, and contextualizing scientific articles through Smart Citations. It’s the top choice for prestigious organizations worldwide.

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