Enago Read

Enago Read: Your Advanced AI-Powered Research Assistant

Enago Read offers an array of advanced features for researchers while maintaining the same licensing and pricing. Existing customers can seamlessly benefit from these enhancements.

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  • Introducing Copilot: Access smart recommendations, streamline team collaboration, and effortlessly manage your research projects.
  • Special Offer for Librarians: Librarians can now enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on Enago Read pricing.
  • For Reviewers and Researchers: Enago Read empowers reviewers and researchers with quick paper insights, accelerated literature reviews, and enhanced comprehension.

Use Cases:

  • Efficient Research Organization: Effortlessly organize your research materials, access your work with ease, and maintain a centralized repository for shared literature.
  • Refine Your Literature Search: Optimize your resource exploration, ensure contextual knowledge acquisition, and receive tailored research suggestions for significant time savings.
  • Seamless Team Collaboration: Collaborate with your team seamlessly by sharing and discussing literature, working on shared projects, and staying updated on team progress.

Enago Read is a robust AI-powered Research Assistant designed to help researchers save time, efficiently manage their research, and foster collaboration.

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