Rows AI

Rows AI: Transforming Spreadsheets with the Power of AI

Unlock the potential of AI to analyze, summarize, and transform data with Rows AI. Supercharge your spreadsheet capabilities, enabling faster and more efficient data-driven decision-making with advanced features and stunning reports.

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Release time: Mar. 1999


  • All-in-one Spreadsheet for Teams: Collaborate seamlessly with Rows AI, your reliable number-crunching sidekick.
  • Reporting: Create visually appealing reports in minutes, leveraging the power of Rows AI.
  • Advanced Features: Access extra magic for pros, enhancing your spreadsheet experience with Rows AI.
  • Everyday Tasks: Upgrade your spreadsheets for improved efficiency in everyday tasks with Rows AI.
  • Internal Tools: Autonomously build tools within your spreadsheet using Rows AI.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly connect Rows AI to your favorite tools for enhanced functionality.
  • Data Enrichment: Centralize all your data in one place, enriched by the capabilities of Rows AI.

Use Cases:

  • Analyze Data Faster: Bypass complex formulas and gain insights swiftly with Rows AI.
  • Quick Insights: Summarize key takeaways at a glance, powered by the efficiency of Rows AI.
  • Deep Dives: Discover trends and patterns within your dataset with the analytical prowess of Rows AI.
  • Ask Questions: Utilize the ChatGPT power inside your spreadsheet to ask anything with Rows AI.
  • Classify and Tag Text: Automatically tag and classify any type of text within your spreadsheet using Rows AI.
  • Social Media Posts: Effortlessly categorize social sentiment and monitor your online presence with Rows AI.
  • Support Tickets: Transform support tickets into actionable insights for faster resolutions with Rows AI.
  • Feedback Surveys: Turn feedback into actionable improvements for enhanced customer satisfaction with Rows AI.
  • Product Reviews: Extract meaningful insights from online product reviews using Rows AI.
  • Execute Marketing Campaigns: Let AI draft the first version of marketing materials for improved efficiency with Rows AI.
  • Keywords Ideas: Generate unlimited keyword ideas for SEO, paid campaigns, and marketing with Rows AI.
  • Keyword Themes: Identify powerful keyword themes to enhance your marketing campaigns with Rows AI.
  • Blogpost Titles: Generate infinite ideas for blogpost titles, themes, and briefs with Rows AI.
  • Blogpost Outlines: Transform ideas into working drafts faster with Rows AI as your writing partner.
  • Summarize and Transform Text: Apply logic rules, summarize, and translate text to any language within your spreadsheet using Rows AI.
  • Product Feedback: Quickly digest customer feedback and summarize it for actionable insights with Rows AI.
  • Addresses: Automatically extract and clean up location data like zip codes and street names with Rows AI.
  • Lead Lists: Automate tasks like removing legal jargon from company names for better sales productivity with Rows AI.
  • NPS Surveys: Make sense of NPS comments confidently using Rows AI’s translation and summarization capabilities.
  • Ask Anything: Merge the versatility of a spreadsheet with the potential of AI to augment your work using Rows AI.
  • One Formula: Harness the power of OpenAI models and dynamic prompts with ASK_OPENAI inside Rows AI.
  • Cell References: Make prompts dynamic by using cell references within Rows AI.
  • Flexible Formulas: Create dynamic AI experiences by adding formulas within prompts with Rows AI.

Revolutionize your data analysis and spreadsheet workflows with Rows AI, making data-driven decision-making faster and more efficient.

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