Kupiks: Revolutionizing Data Entry with Automated Email Parsing

Discover the efficiency of data entry with Kupiks' automated email parsing service. Say goodbye to manual entry, reduce errors, and save valuable time by effortlessly extracting key information from emails, receipts, and invoices.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Oct. 2019


  • Simple and Seamless Automation: Kupiks’ email parsing tool provides a straightforward and seamless solution to automate data entry, streamlining your workflow.
  • Time & Cost Efficient: Eliminate the need for manual entry with our tool, saving you time and reducing errors, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • AI-enabled Extraction: Our AI algorithms excel at extracting detailed information, including customer names, email addresses, and other essential data points crucial for seamless business operations.

Use Cases:

  • Efficient Customer Support: Kupiks automates the extraction of key customer information from emails, such as names, email addresses, and inquiry details, enhancing customer service efficiency and saving time.
  • Simplified Order Management: Streamline order management and tracking with our email parsing tool, automatically extracting essential order details from emails for a more simplified process.
  • Streamlined Expense Management: Kupiks’ tool simplifies expense management by automatically extracting and organizing relevant data from emails, reducing errors and optimizing time efficiency.

Transform your data handling experience with Kupiks’ automated email parsing service. Enjoy a simple, error-free, and time-saving data management solution that enhances productivity and boosts overall business operations.

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