Rory Tells Stories: Revolutionizing Storytelling with AI

Discover the magic of Rory Tells Stories, an innovative AI-powered interactive storytelling app designed to empower users in crafting unique and personalized stories for children. Elevate language fluency, spark imagination, and strengthen the bond between parents/teachers and children.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Effortless Story Creation: Experience the ease of creating personalized and engaging stories with Rory Tells Stories. Explore a variety of narrative genres, including fairy tales, fables, hero’s journeys, and more.
  • Interactive Customizations: Tailor each narrative to specific genres, adding elements of adventure, sci-fi, suspense, or humor to match the child’s interests, providing a truly interactive and customized storytelling experience.
  • Enjoyable Listening Experience: Beyond innovative story creation, the app offers an enjoyable listening feature, making it an ideal choice for teaching new languages or creating soothing bedtime stories, contributing to a delightful bedtime routine.

Use Cases:

  • Bonding Time With Kids: Utilize Rory Tells Stories as a tool for quality bonding time with your kids. Strengthen emotional connections by sharing engaging and personalized stories.
  • Enhancing Language Skills: Parents and educators can leverage the app to help children enhance language skills through custom, interest-specific stories tailored to each child’s preferences.
  • Reducing Bedtime Anxiety: Alleviate bedtime anxiety by using Rory Tells Stories to provide comfort through customized bedtime stories, creating a peaceful and enjoyable bedtime routine.

Rory Tells Stories stands as a unique and AI-powered storytelling application, fostering positive experiences and instilling valuable lessons in children. It serves as a powerful tool for building stronger emotional bonds, enhancing language and listening skills, and nurturing limitless imagination.

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