Scarlett Panda: Personalized Bedtime Stories for Children

Create enchanting bedtime stories for your children with Scarlett Panda. Featuring their favorite characters and toys, our platform allows you to generate unique stories every day in less than 30 seconds. Build magical memories, expand vocabulary, and make reading an exciting adventure for your little ones. No credit card required. Try Scarlett Panda today and let the magic begin!

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Nov. 2022


  • Customized stories every day: Generate unique and interesting bedtime stories daily, featuring your children, their friends, and toys.
  • Building memories together: Creating stories with your children not only expands their vocabulary but also builds magical memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Exciting adventures with important learnings: Decide the names of characters, their types, and even the message you want to transmit to your child.
  • Full books available: In addition to instant stories, scheduled stories with high-quality images are also available. Choose your theme and receive a chapter per day.
  • Unlimited stories: With our subscriptions, get unlimited stories to keep the reading going.

Use Cases:

  • For parents with young children: Generate customized stories to engage your children and cultivate their imagination.
  • For parents of dyslexic children: Gamify reading to motivate your dyslexic child and get them excited about reading with Scarlett Panda.
  • For godparents and aunts/uncles: Engage your nephews and nieces with reading as you do it together with Scarlett Panda.

Scarlett Panda is the perfect platform for parents to create unique bedtime stories for their children, engage them with reading, and build magical memories. By subscribing, parents can unlock unlimited stories and keep the reading going. With high-quality images and the ability to customize stories, Scarlett Panda is an essential tool for parents who want to cultivate their children’s imagination and expand their vocabulary.

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