Read Bridging Literacy Gaps for Seamless Text Comprehension

Read is dedicated to making text easily accessible for individuals with low literacy skills. Our comprehensive suite of tools caters to editors, readers, and developers, ensuring a more inclusive and understandable reading experience.

Pricing: Paid,$99/mo
Semrush rank: 9.0m
Location: Redacted | EU Registrar,Netherlands
Release time: Feb. 2023


  • Microsoft Office Add-ins for Editors: Enhance communication with diverse audiences using real-time feedback and suggestions seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Word and Outlook with Read
  • Chrome Extension for Readers: Designed to support individuals with low literacy skills, Read’s Chrome Extension simplifies text comprehension and improves online browsing experiences instantly.
  • Developer API: Integrate our API into your applications for readability analysis, multilingual support, and dyslexia-focused optimization, making your content more accessible and comprehensible.

Use Cases:

  • For Editors: Utilize Read Easy to ensure your text is suitable for individuals with low literacy skills, receiving valuable feedback on specific words or sentences that may need improvement.
  • For Readers: Empower individuals with low literacy levels through Read’s Chrome Extension, enhancing text comprehension and making online reading more accessible.
  • For Developers: Integrate Read Easy’s API into your applications, contributing to a more accessible and comprehensible digital landscape for a diverse audience.

Read transcends language barriers, benefiting individuals with low literacy levels by making text more comprehensible. Our tools actively contribute to fostering a more accessible and inclusive web.

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