TinyQuiz: Transformative AI-Powered Quiz Creation and Article Summarization

TinyQuiz introduces an innovative toolset designed for educators, students, HR managers, and EdTech publishers. This platform facilitates quiz generation from simple prompts or existing content and offers article summarization to enhance reading efficiency.

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Location: Slovakia
Release time: Aug. 2023


  • Efficient Quiz Creation: Generate engaging quizzes in seconds using TinyQuiz, whether from simple keywords or existing content, providing a dynamic learning tool.
  • Results and Analytics: TinyQuiz automates quiz grading, delivering immediate results to quiz takers. Educators gain access to comprehensive analytics, including response details and success rates.
  • Content Conversion: Transform various content formats, including text, PDFs, and URLs, into quizzes, significantly reducing time spent on curriculum development.
  • Comprehensive EdTech Toolset: Access a suite of free tools such as the Article Summarizer, Grammar Fixer, and Essay Generator, enhancing the overall learning and teaching experience.

Use Cases:

  • Use Case for Teachers: Optimize teaching effectiveness through rapid quiz creation, automated grading, and immediate access to analytics.
  • Use Case for Students: Enhance the learning experience with generative quizzes, instant results, and concise article summaries for efficient study sessions.
  • Use Case for HR Managers: Streamline candidate assessment by leveraging generated quizzes and analyzing results to evaluate knowledge and performance.
  • Use Case for EdTech Publishers: Elevate published content by seamlessly integrating with TinyQuiz, transforming any material into an interactive quiz.

TinyQuiz is the go-to solution for educators, students, HR managers, and EdTech publishers, offering an ideal toolset to enhance learning experiences and simplify the assessment process. Embrace the transformative power of this revolutionary AI-powered EdTech tool today.

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