Playment - Elevating AI with Precision Data Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your AI systems with Playment's precision data solutions. Our offerings optimize your experience and significantly enhance AI applications across diverse domains.

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  • Data Annotation: Enrich your AI training data with human annotations provided by our community of skilled data experts.
  • Linguistic Annotation: Empower your NLP algorithms with meticulously annotated linguistic AI training data. Our multilingual experts are fluent in over 500 languages and dialects.
  • Data Validation & Relevance: Ensure the quality of your AI training data with thorough validation by qualified experts, guaranteeing precise model outcomes.
  • Data at Scale: Leverage our global AI community and secure platform to achieve unparalleled scale, speed, and cost-efficiencies without compromising data quality.
  • Applications fueled by AI data: Enable companies to test and enhance machine learning models through our expansive global AI community, consisting of 1 million+ annotators and linguists.

Use Cases:

  • Ad Evaluation: Benefit from our expert multilingual and multicultural analysts who can review and evaluate sponsored listings according to your specific guidelines.
  • Data Collection & Creation: Accomplish high-volume data collection or data creation to train your machine learning projects effectively.

Playment, a part of TELUS International, offers a comprehensive AI Data Solutions platform, empowering businesses to build and refine machine learning models with high-quality data. From AI training to data annotation services and diverse datasets sourced from our global AI Community, we enable businesses to enhance their AI capabilities for applications such as advanced smart products, improved search results, more human-like bot interactions, and beyond. Let us optimize your AI with precision through quality data annotations, linguistic annotations, data validation, and data creation services.

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