Perspective API - Enhancing Online Conversations with Machine Learning

Perspective API is your solution to combat toxic online behavior and foster healthy dialogue using the power of machine learning. It effectively detects 'toxic' comments that may disrupt discussions and provides a percentage score reflecting their perceived toxicity.

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Release time: Feb. 2017


  • Toxic Comment Detection: Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning, Perspective API identifies and flags comments that exhibit rudeness, disrespect, or unreasonableness, offering hosts an effective tool to manage positive and constructive conversations.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Perspective API empowers users with valuable feedback on the perceived toxicity of their comments. It emphasizes negative feedback when comments surpass a 70% toxicity threshold and offers positive feedback when they fall below 30%.
  • Customizable Display Settings: Tailor the display settings of Perspective API to align with individual preferences. Customize the icon theme, color palette, font style, and widget shape to create a seamless user experience.

Use Cases:

  • Social Media Platforms: Empower social media platforms with Perspective API to swiftly identify and flag toxic comments. This ensures a safe and respectful online environment for users and promotes positive interactions.
  • Online Publishers: Online publishers can employ Perspective API to moderate comments on their websites, guaranteeing a respectful and constructive conversation space while minimizing disruptions.
  • Online Communities: Online communities can harness the power of Perspective API to identify and flag toxic comments, facilitating a proactive approach to maintaining a friendly and engaging online space.

Perspective API, a complimentary tool driven by machine learning, excels at identifying and flagging toxic comments. It plays a pivotal role in cultivating a healthy online environment and promoting meaningful conversations. Social media platforms, online publishers, and online communities can all benefit from its capabilities to moderate comments and ensure positive online interactions.

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