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Eden AI | Your Gateway to Streamlined AI for Product Builders & Developers

Eden AI offers a distinct API connected to the foremost AI engines, designed to empower developers, product managers, and AI experts. It grants access to a diverse spectrum of AI technologies encompassing generative AI, translation, text analysis, image recognition, video processing, speech transcription, OCR, and document parsing.

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Location: France
Release time: Apr. 2021


  • Lightning-Fast Integration: Accelerate your workflow with a unified API for all providers, simplifying the integration process.
  • Vendor Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to switch between AI providers and alter your AI engine without cost or time constraints.
  • Optimized Cost Structure: Opt for the most cost-effective providers while maintaining consistent performance levels.
  • Generative AI Expertise: Leverage multiple generative AI APIs for crafting various content types, such as images and text.
  • Translation Proficiency: Access a multitude of machine translation engines to seamlessly translate text from one language to another and identify the language in given text.
  • Text Analysis Versatility: Access an extensive array of text analysis and NLP engines, encompassing sentiment analysis, named entity recognition (NER), keyword extraction, language detection, summarization, question answering, semantic search, syntax analysis, anonymization, and more.
  • Image Analysis Diversity: Unify your access to multiple image analysis technologies, enabling the detection of faces, places, logos, objects in images, similarity assessment, and anonymization.
  • Video Content Expertise: Unlock multiple video analysis features, including face, object, text, logo, and explicit content detection, as well as person and object tracking.
  • OCR & Document Parsing Proficiency: Access a variety of OCR technologies for extracting information from handwritten or scanned documents like invoices, resumes, tables, receipts, IDs, and passports through a single API.
  • Speech Transformation: Benefit from access to a range of speech analysis technologies from various providers via a unified API, allowing for seamless speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion.

Use Cases:

  • AI API Integration Hub: Gain comprehensive insights into the AI APIs available in the market and experience rapid integration through a centralized platform.
  • Multi-API Synergy: Combine multiple AI APIs to enhance accuracy, achieve the best cost-performance ratio, and ensure robust processing with fallback strategies.
  • Maintenance and Compliance Efficiency: Save time on the maintenance of your API connections, consolidate your costs and billing, and effectively manage regulatory compliance.

Eden AI is your all-in-one solution for accessing a wide array of AI technologies. It simplifies AI for Product Builders and Developers, offering flexibility without vendor lock-in and cost optimization. Regardless of your AI proficiency, Eden AI is your partner for AI API integration, multi-API synergy, maintenance, and regulatory compliance. Join Eden AI today to access top AI engines and simplify your AI solution development!

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