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Neuton is a revolutionary no-code Tiny AutoML platform driven by a patented Neural Network Framework. It seamlessly enables the automatic creation of incredibly compact and precise models, effortlessly embedding them into 8, 16, and 32-bit MCUs!

Semrush rank: 6.0m
Location: Vista,United States of America
Release time: Mar. 2018


  • Neuton Tiny ML: Build ultra-tiny models effortlessly, with no coding required, and seamlessly embed them into any microcontroller.
  • Free Unlimited Plan: Discover a groundbreaking approach to enhancing edge devices with extra capabilities.
  • No-Code Automated Tiny ML Platform: Empowered by a patented Neural Network Framework, Neuton’s highly automated and transparent pipeline eliminates the need for extensive user actions.
  • Exceptionally Tiny Models without Loss of Accuracy: Achieve an average model size of less than 1 KB with Neuton’s neural framework. Even 8-bit microcontrollers can now run robust neural networks, with models up to 1,000 times smaller than existing algorithms. A single iteration is sufficient to create accurate, fast, and incredibly tiny models.
  • Unique Patented Global Optimization Algorithm: Neuton’s algorithm, distinct with its patented global optimization approach, avoids reliance on error backpropagation and stochastic gradient descent. This ensures the successful creation of compact models, minimizing the risk of hitting local minima.

Use Cases:

  • Sensor Data: Monitor conditions, track activities, and detect anomalies with Neuton’s Tiny ML capabilities.
  • Audio Data: Recognize voices and classify various sound events using Neuton’s powerful no-code platform.
  • Community Projects: Explore ultra-tiny solutions for daily activity recognition, hand activity recognition, and more with Neuton.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Leverage Neuton for predictive maintenance of compressor water pumps using RSL10 sensors.
  • Smart Human Interfaces: Experience handmade drawing recognition interfaces inspired by smartphone gestures with Neuton.
  • Condition Monitoring: Detect unstable electrical grids with TinyML using Neuton and Particle IoT for predictive maintenance.

Neuton, the pioneering Neural Network Framework, redefines model creation with minimal size and no loss of accuracy. Offering an exceptional generalizing capability in less than 1 KB without compression, Neuton provides a highly automated pipeline for building compact and accurate models, effortlessly embedding them into 8, 16, and 32-bit MCUs!

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