FieldDay · Real-World AI: Unleash Custom Vision with No Code

Discover FieldDay, a user-friendly no-code platform that empowers you to create custom, camera-driven experiences infused with custom vision AI. This innovative app seamlessly integrates with HomeKit for home automation and provides the flexibility to export your models to various tools and formats, offering a versatile and powerful solution.

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  • Vision AI in Minutes: FieldDay simplifies the process of building vision AI by allowing you to train the algorithm and make corrections effortlessly, even without the expertise of a data scientist.
  • Home Automation: Experience seamless integration with HomeKit-enabled devices, enabling you to control your Apple Home using just your camera through the intuitive features of FieldDay.
  • Export your AI Models: Unlock the potential of your creations by exporting AI models to popular and flexible tools and formats. FieldDay supports easy integration into larger projects and workflows, including compatibility with Siri Shortcuts.

Use Cases:

  • Education and Fun: FieldDay serves as a creative tool for building fun, educational, and productivity-driven customized AI visuals, making learning and exploration engaging.
  • Home Automation: Harness the power of visual AI to control HomeKit-enabled devices such as lights, outlets, fans, and more, enhancing your home automation experience.
  • Project Integration: FieldDay’s support for export in popular tools allows seamless integration of AI visual modules into larger projects or workflows, offering versatility and adaptability.

FieldDay stands at the forefront of no-code AI, defining the new age of innovation. Its comprehensive functionality, spanning from creating custom visual AI to facilitating home automation, caters to both hobbyists and professionals, marking a new era in AI exploration.

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