Musico - AI-driven Software Engine for Music Composition

Explore the boundless world of music creation with Musico, an AI-driven software engine that generates endless streams of copyright-free music across a diverse range of styles. Musico revolutionizes the way creators interact with music, offering new avenues for production and application that dynamically adapt to the context in real-time.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 2.5m
Location: Italy
Release time: Jan. 2017


  • Revolutionary AI composition: Musico’s engines seamlessly blend traditional and modern machine learning algorithms, producing limitless streams of copyright-free music in an array of styles.
  • Autonomous, original, and adaptive music: Empowering creators with innovative ways of producing and applying sound, Musico’s generative approach adapts to its context in real-time. From semi-assisted to fully automatic composition, our engines cater to both music professionals and non-musicians.
  • Augmented performance: Apps like Impro enable musicians and performers to generate music in real-time, effortlessly controlling Musico with intuitive gestures.
  • Guided sound generation: The engines respond in real-time to a variety of control signals, allowing for endless possibilities of interaction as they can be mapped and manipulated.
  • Auto-scoring for digital storytelling and media: Exploring the relationship between music and narrative, Musico is developing a next-generation soundtrack plugin for storytellers, game developers, and cross-media creators.

Use Cases:

  • Music Production: Musico offers AI-assisted composition engines, providing a plethora of possibilities for musicians, composers, and sound designers engaged in music production.
  • Live Performances: Musico enhances musical performances through apps like Impro, enabling performers and DJs to generate real-time music and control it with intuitive gestures.
  • Digital Storytelling and Media Development: Musico presents an auto-scoring system for game and cross-media developers, bridging the gap between music and narrative to create a next-generation soundtrack plugin for storytellers.

Musico unlocks a new realm of autonomous, original, and adaptive music composition, offering limitless possibilities for innovation in music production, live performances, and digital media development.

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