A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping: Revolutionizing Music Discovery with AI for Creators

Experience the future of music discovery with A.V. Mapping, an innovative platform that leverages AI technology to assist musicians and content creators in finding and managing royalty-free music and sound effects. Offering a rich array of features, A.V. Mapping provides users with an effortless way to match music to video and images, transform text into music, and discover the perfect sound for their creative endeavors. Collaborate in AI-led competitions, benefit from transparent web3.0 technology for music sales, and unleash your creative potential.

Semrush rank: 3.1m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Oct. 2019


  • AI-powered Music and SFX Discovery: Discover the perfect soundtrack for your creation as our AI technology analyzes video, images, emotion, genre, and reference music to suggest the best options.
  • Text to Music and SFX Transformation: Transform text, scripts, and plot summaries into music and sound effects, providing an innovative way to find the perfect sound for your project.
  • Secure and Fair Music Sales: Engage in web3.0 music sales with transparent transactions, profit sharing, and non-exclusive contracts, ensuring a secure and fair environment for selling your music.

Use Cases:

  • For Content Creators: Content creators can effortlessly find suitable music or sound effects by uploading videos or images, allowing the AI to suggest the perfect match. They can also discover soundtracks based on text.
  • For Musicians: Musicians can participate in AI-led competitions through the ‘Battle AI’ feature. Additionally, they can offer their music for sale in a fair and transparent web3.0 environment.

A.V. Mapping redefines music discovery by combining the power of AI and web3.0 innovations. This user-friendly platform offers musicians and content creators an inclusive ecosystem to compete, learn, showcase their work, and profit from their creative endeavors.

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