Midjourney for Slack

Unlock Creativity with Midjourney for Slack

Elevate your team's creativity using the unofficial Midjourney for Slack. Simplify your workflow, eliminate distractions, and embrace the MJ Slack Bot for real-time image creation and unique idea sharing. Transform your team's collaboration with this widely popular tool.

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Location: United States of America
Release time: May. 2023


  • Collaborative Image Creation: Create images in real-time with your team and receive feedback and approvals within Slack itself.
  • Seamless Slack Integration: Enjoy full Slack integration with MJ Slack Bot, accessing all Midjourney features without switching between apps.
  • Distraction-Free Environment: Say goodbye to Discord distractions and focus on your creative process with MJ Slack Bot.
  • Familiar Commands: MJ Slack Bot employs the same commands and parameters as Midjourney on Discord for a smooth user experience.
  • Compliance within Slack: No need for additional tool or app approvals. MJ Slack Bot operates directly within your Slack workspace.
  • Fun Collaboration: Experience enjoyable collaboration. Express your creativity with custom images and delight in sharing ideas.

Use Cases:

  • Real-Time Image Creation: Leverage MJ Slack Bot to create and share images in real-time with your team, collecting feedback and approvals directly in Slack.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Eliminate the need to switch between apps by utilizing the fully integrated MJ Slack Bot to access all Midjourney features within Slack.
  • Focused Creativity: Enhance productivity and concentration by utilizing MJ Slack Bot within Slack, minimizing potential distractions from Midjourney on Discord.
  • Smooth Transition: Existing Midjourney users on Discord can effortlessly transition to MJ Slack Bot, thanks to shared commands and parameters.
  • Team Building: Boost team unity and camaraderie by brainstorming and sharing creative ideas with the assistance of MJ Slack Bot.

Midjourney for Slack revolutionizes team collaboration and creativity. Enjoy convenient real-time image creation, streamlined workflows, and a distraction-free atmosphere. Start your journey with MJ Slack Bot today for a seamless and engaging experience.

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